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Be Inspired by Reeds and Barbed Wire along SF Bay. March 27 2014

Majestic reeds intwined in barbed wire along the San Francisco Bay.
Reeds & Barbed Wire. #LornaMogliaDesigns
Cross #LornaMogliaDesigns

Inspiration Bursting with Color & a Pure Silver Heart Pendant March 16 2014

Slowly walk through Farmer's Market and discover flowers bursting with color.

Tranquility. Creativity. Fleeting Moments. February 20 2014

Allow your mind to absorb nature's beauty in tranquility.

Creativity Ebbs and Flows. February 15 2014

Release your creativity. Find a quiet oasis from the hustle and bustle.

Finding beauty in patterns and shapes, delicate and powerful with silver-gray overtones. February 07 2014


Be inspired by finding beauty in patterns and shapes. Today, this was a ladybug on my keyboard, an interesting grouping of .50 caliber round balls, and my “Embodied Sphere" pendant in pure silver. What pattern or shape inspires you? 

.999 Pure Silver vs .925 Sterling Silver? January 15 2014

.999 Pure Silver Pendants and Earrings. Perfect gifts for those special moments.

.925 Sterling Silver Patriot Eagle Lapel Pin for Men and Women.

Pure Silver is the purest form of silver! Pure silver is 99% or .999 silver. It is a precious metal and its chemical symbol is Ag. Lorna Moglia jewelry designs has a large collection of pieces in pure silver (see photo above). 

Sterling Silver is an alloy. It is a combination of metals, 92.5% silver by weight and generally 7.5% copper. The Lorna Moglia designed Patriot Eagle Lapel Pin above was made in sterling silver.

To summarize, pure silveis 99% or .999 silver while sterling silver is 92.5% or .925 silver.

Style is an Individual Sensibility. January 15 2014

Style is an individual sensibility. Here is a hand-flamed pure silver glass gem pendant displayed on a rich warm wool texture. 

Alyce, owner of @NewFanglesTall in Oakland says, "style is an individual preference, the same outfit can be worn differently. One person can make it conservative while another can make it more edgy." Black and White dress available at @NewFanglesTall accented with a Lorna Moglia Design pendant.

First Blog Post: Thank You! December 16 2013

Smiling with a full and thankful heart, wishing you all an amazing New Year in 2014! Honored to be creating glass art jewelry since 2001. Lorna Moglia :)