.999 Pure Silver vs .925 Sterling Silver? January 15 2014

.999 Pure Silver Pendants and Earrings. Perfect gifts for those special moments.

.925 Sterling Silver Patriot Eagle Lapel Pin for Men and Women.

Pure Silver is the purest form of silver! Pure silver is 99% or .999 silver. It is a precious metal and its chemical symbol is Ag. Lorna Moglia jewelry designs has a large collection of pieces in pure silver (see photo above). 

Sterling Silver is an alloy. It is a combination of metals, 92.5% silver by weight and generally 7.5% copper. The Lorna Moglia designed Patriot Eagle Lapel Pin above was made in sterling silver.

To summarize, pure silveis 99% or .999 silver while sterling silver is 92.5% or .925 silver.