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Discover Lorna Moglia Jewelry Designs: In addition to online, also discover Lorna Moglia Jewelry Designs on the shores of beautiful Lake Merritt in the heart of downtown Oakland at the Lake Chalet Restaurant in the lovely Venetian Gondola Servizio boutique.

Venezia Collection, Original, One-of-a-kind, Glass Art Jewelry: Lorna Moglia creates her original, Italian glass artwork jewelry in her California studio. Each piece is hand-flamed, applying heat, oxygen and gravity in a process she has made into her own style. Combining brilliant Venetian glass with pure silver and gold, she works the molten fluid into unique wearable sculptural art.

Glass Gem Collection: Lorna Moglia presents a shimmering palette of hand-flamed™ glass gems. Each glass gem is a unique work of art created in her studio. This collection embodies the union of glass and .999 solid pure silver, forever bound.

Pure Silver Collection: Lorna Moglia presents a beautifully sculpted .999 solid pure silver jewelry collection, made in the USA with great care and commitment to quality. The quality of this pure silver is carefully monitored using certified sources only.

23 Karat Gold Vermeil Collection: Lorna Moglia presents a beautiful jewelry collection of 23K Gold Vermeil, made in the USA with great care and commitment to quality. The quality of the gold and pure silver is carefully monitored using certified sources only. In this collection, her solid pure silver .999 pieces are coated with 23 Karat Gold!  Her collection is unique because others designers use sterling silver as their base with only a 14 Karat gold coating.  The White House has a collection of artisan gold vermeil in their special Vermeil Room. Vermeil is pronounced: ver-mei.


Learn more About Lorna Moglia Jewelry Designs: CBS, Eye on the Bay Interview Video 


Original Hand-flamed Glass Art Jewelry Process: Lorna Moglia Designs uses the lost wax technique (an ancient process dating back thousands of years) for her original sculptures. A process that captures intricate details of her original designs in silver, gold, bronze or designer metals to which she further transforms her pieces in her glass art studio, creating original hand-flamed glass art jewelry.

The lost wax process:

  • A mold is made of the original sculpture.
  • A wax model is made from the mold.
  • This wax model is then placed in a cylinder (open at one end) and encased in a plaster like substance that hardens.
  • The cylinder is heated, melting out the wax model, thus the term “lost wax”; leaving a detailed cavity impression of the design in the plaster. As you can see, the wax model can only be used once.
  • Molten metal (silver, gold, bronze or designer metals) is either forced into the plaster-filled cylinder by centrifugal force or vacuum pressure.
  • Once the cylinder is cooled, the plaster is removed and broken apart, showcasing a beautiful silver, gold or bronze sculpture casting with intricate details!
  • Finally, the piece is cleaned, polished and taken to her hand-flamed glass art studio to be further transformed with sculptural glass art.

What is Hand-flamed: Hand-flamed is a Lorna Moglia coined term, is the process of working glass over heat or flame using unlimited glass techniques. One such technique includes, twirling and sculpting thin rods of colored Venetian glass rods over a gas-oxygen burner.

What is .999 Pure Silver:  Pure Silver is the purest form of silver! Pure silver is 99% or .999 silver. It is a precious metal and its chemical symbol is Ag. Lorna Moglia presents a beautifully sculpted .999 pure silver jewelry collection, made in the USA with great care and commitment to quality. The quality of this pure silver is monitored using certified sources only. 

What is .925 Sterling Silver: Sterling Silver is an alloy. It is a combination of metals, 92.5% silver by weight and generally 7.5% copper. The Lorna Moglia Patriot Eagle Collection includes pieces made in sterling silver. 

Care Instructions: Each piece of wearable artwork should be stored separately to preserve its original beauty, especially any piece that includes glass artwork! Treat your wearable glass artwork with gentle care and protect it from being jarred.

Cleaning Instructions exclusively for Lorna Moglia Pure Silver Jewelry Designs: Here is an easy way to brighten your Lorna Moglia pure silver jewelry pieces.  I use this cleaning process on all my jewelry designs!

In a glass bowl, add a cup of hot water (not boiling!), a strip of aluminum foil with the shiny side up (size of your palm), and two tablespoons of baking soda.  Then add your Lorna Moglia pure silver jewelry.  Instantly, you will see your piece de-tarnish, back to a beautiful, brilliant fine shine.  Finally, wash and rinse off the baking soda residue, using a mild dish washing soap.

Careful:  For all other non-Lorna Moglia jewelry contact company/designer for approved cleaning methods specifically for their jewelry. 

Enjoy this short 6 second cleaning video: Silver Jewelry Cleaning Video 

Cleaning Lorna Moglia 23 Karat Gold Vermeil Collection: To clean your 23K Gold Vermeil piece, simply use a damp towel.  Do not use a silver polishing cloth as it is abrasive and will remove some of the gold.

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Lorna Moglia in the Community: Lorna Moglia is active in her community and supports numerous nonprofit organizations, specifically those that support women and children in need, such as Children's Fairyland, The Lake Merritt Breakfast Club, the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, Children's Hospital & Research Center and Operation Sunrise.

Again, If you have additional questions, we want to help! Contact us at gallery@lornamoglia.com